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So those that know me, KNOW I am a loyal Apple customer & user! I literally have everything Apple (except an Apple Watch. Which is next on my list) from the iPhone to the MacBook all the way to the Apple TV. Outside of being a Husband and Youth Pastor, one of my guilty pleasures is technology. My in laws call me the “Techie” because I have so much random knowledge about tech gear. So it would only make sense for me to take a trip to Apple today and check out the iPhone 8. NOW before I go any further I must be honest and say, while Tim Cook & Phil were announcing the 8, I was a little frustrated because they made it seem like the X wasn’t coming (in my opinion. even though I knew it was.) However, being the loyal person that I am, I thought it was only right to take a look at it. So here are some of my thoughts about the iPhone 8.


So at first glance, the 8 is not much different than the 7. Structurally it’s the same phone. There ARE some difference in the build of the phone. It has an all-new glass design for the purposes of integrating the wireless charging feature (FINALLY!!!) It comes in 3 color options – Space Gray, Silver, & gold. Personally, the Space Grey option will be a fingerprint magnet.. The Silver option is BEAUTIFUL and doesn’t really have the fingerprint issue that the Space Grey has. All models are water and dust resistant.


The Retina display on this phone is simply stunning. I compared it to my 6 Plus (I know Guys!! I didn’t upgrade to the 7 because I knew the X was coming soon) and the image quality is day & night. I wanted to throw my phone in the trash because I felt like my life wasn’t getting the best quality; hahaha.

THIS CAMERA THOUGH!!! I am really excited about the power they have packed into this 12MP camera. At a 1.8 F stop aperture, this camera delivers some pretty amazing, high quality images. One of the biggest features I’m most excited to use is what Apple is calling Portrait lighting. It’s the ability to control how the lighting looks on the photo before capturing the image. It’s still in beta mode but it has so much potential to change the way we take pictures right on our phone. Portrait mode is now also available on the front facing  7MP camera which is crazy amazing (I’m sure my wife will enjoy that!) It shoots 4K video as well as 240fps slow motion! The colors this camera produces straight out of the phone is quite impressive. Check out the images (as seen on below

So I know there are so many more features I could go into about this phone. I will leave it at these for now. All-in-all it is a pretty good phone. Especially for those who are still using anything older than a 6 lol. Do I see myself upgrading and getting it, not even close. I will be hold out and get the X. Do I think you should upgrade if you got the 7, not really, unless you want the wireless charging; which is a pretty cool and needed feature. Hope you enjoyed this minor review. I’ll holler at you later.